The Team

Comprising high school students from Comenius High School in Havířov in Czechia, this team radiates a passion for communication and developing functional literacies. Their commitment goes beyond the confines of their school, as they organized a two-day workshop for classmates and extended their reach to other schools through peer-to-peer workshops. Their innovative approach includes a card game and self-education handouts. Things are developing, it is a process, but most importantly – it has started!

Our team was dedicated to revolutionizing education by focusing on key initiatives, including enhancing the school environment, bridging generational gaps, and promoting self-discovery. The overarching goal was to tackle disinformation and bring more awareness of media literacy to the region. And let young people create, rather than just make them listen. Guide them, support them, and be there for them but let their creativity and minds speak.

Two educative approaches were used:

  • Designing of Peer-to-peer education workshops – there is stress put on the creation of methodology by youngsters and for youngsters. Examples used in the methodology are those that correspond with their generation (and not the generation of trainers), as well as the language used is responsive to their needs and corresponds with their reality.

  • The concept of a Junior Trainer. The Senior-Junior approach is what we believe in a lot. The Senior Master Trainer Aneta invited Linda to support the project as a Junior Trainer. Linda’s role as she'd had some experience with the topic, was to support the students with some smaller tasks and at the same time LEARN from Aneta. She could observe her methodology, be part of the process and watch how the Master Trainer works and thinks– she had the opportunity to ask questions, clarify WHY some decisions were made, and why some examples or approaches were used – this was all helpful in her own trainer journey. Now, she is more aware of the topic, methodology, mentoring approach, and the concept of questions we used. It is a win-win process – the Junior Trainer is a support for the project, for the process itself and at the same time learns and develops by being a part of it, trying their own activities, receiving feedback from the Senior Trainer, adapting it, and trying again. This is a valuable and effective concept of learning by doing in practice!

We strongly advocate for peer-to-peer education, recognizing its importance due to the valuable experiences of youngsters, developing their natural leadership abilities. This approach fostered collaboration, critical thinking, and proactive engagement in countering disinformation. We believe in sustainability in such an approach, long-lasting impact, and effectiveness. Attending a workshop about media literacy is definitely rewarding but being able to create one’s own workshop with the support and mentoring of an expert in the field (in this case the Master Trainer) is much more effective as it uses the experiential learning approach and learning by doing method. And we all know that if we try something by ourselves, it stays with us. Thus, we are happy to say that this effective cooperation between the Master Trainer, Junior Trainer and students is what can bring awareness of media literacy to the region that needs it intensively.

Through their dedication, innovation, and commitment to positive change, the Havířov high school students have not only tackled disinformation but have also become catalysts for a cultural shift in communication and education, so far in their school. Their project exemplifies the potential of young minds to shape a brighter, more informed future for themselves and their community. As they continue to explore new horizons and refine their initiatives, their impact is sure to resonate far beyond the walls of Comenius High School.

The collaboration between the Master and Junior Trainers unfolded as a beautiful synergy, enriching the learning experience for everyone involved. In this dynamic partnership, the mentorship wasn't solely directed towards the youngsters; rather, it became a mutual exchange of knowledge and inspiration.

Needless to say, we’ve planted a seed. Like in nature, it needs to be taken care of to be able to grow.

We wish the project good luck and our minds stay with Czech Havířov!

Author (text and photos): Aneta Bednářová