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Global Voices is an international, multilingual community of writers, translators and human rights activists. Together, it leverages the power of the Internet to tell stories that build understanding across borders. How is this done? Report: Its multilingual newsroom team reports on people whose voices and experiences rarely appear in mainstream media. Translate: Its Lingua volunteers make stories available in dozens of languages to ensure that language is not a barrier to understanding. Defend: The Advox team advocates for free speech online, paying special attention to legal, technical and physical threats to people using the Internet to speak out in the public interest. Empower: Rising Voices provides training and mentorship to local underrepresented communities who want to tell their own stories using participatory media tools.
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WITNESS is a human rights non-profit organisation based in Brooklyn, New York. Its mission is to partner with on-the-ground organisations to support the documentation of human rights violations and their consequences to further public engagement, policy change and justice.
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A tool for building creative and transformative advocacy campaigns that engage people in meaningful ways. The Campaign Accelerator offers a collaborative planning process that blends tried and true strategy tools with the best in design thinking, lean start-up principles, and participatory approaches to problem-solving. Your organisation can attend private or public training sessions and receive step-by-step instructions, facilitation tips and printable templates for each module of the Campaign Accelerator planning process.


How can you boost the traffic with good search terms?

Tips and tools for SEO and website analysis

NIOK | 14 min read | Jun 21, 2024

How to Develop Safety Recommendations in a Non-Profit Organization

The environment of non-profit organizations tends to be dynamic. Combinations of full-time and part-time workers, volunteers, collaborating freelancers or students on internships are more common here than in corporate settings. Along with the lower budgets that nonprofits typically work with, this vibrancy often translates into some team members using their own equipment or software to do their work. However, this makes it impossible to have a central administration that can, for example, ensure a deadline for mandatory password changes or enforce updates. This makes it all the more necessary to rely on the personal responsibility of team members and to encourage them to follow at least basic security rules.

Petra Kudrna Sobková | 5 min read | Jun 10, 2024

Reshaping Communication: Expert Tips to Connect with Your Audience

In a world filled with disinformation, building meaningful connections with your audience is more important than ever. This article introduces a series of three short video tutorials by our expert and master trainer, Hubert Sobecki, from the Love Does Not Exclude Association in Poland. Focusing on emotional messages, shared values, and a hopeful future, these videos offer essential communication tips for building a strong and engaged community.

Hive Mind | 3 min read | Jun 5, 2024

NIOK | 4 min read | Jun 4, 2024

Countering Disinformation: Your Essential Digital Tools Guide

Disinformation can spread like fire in today's digital age. To mitigate the threat, the TechSoup Guide on Digital Tools for Countering Disinformation equips activists and CSOs with a range of digital tools to identify, analyze, and counter disinformation effectively.

Hive Mind | 1 min read | Jun 4, 2024

MailerLite Experience - MailChimp Alternative for the Rainbow Mission Foundation

Most people know the Foundation for the Budapest Pride Festival and Parade, but their day-to-day work is also about social acceptance of LGBTQ people. They believe in a society in which they recognize the importance of self-awareness and actively work to improve their immediate environment and society.

NIOK | 3 min read | Jun 3, 2024

Using MailChimp at MU Theatre Association in Hungary

For 31 years MU Theatre has been promoting the performing arts culture in Hungary. Through its programmes, it empowers young and old, civic and grassroots initiatives, and empowers active participation through the arts. They work with community groups and educational institutions to give participants the opportunity to develop their creativity, self-awareness and communication, while becoming members of a vibrant cultural community.

NIOK | 5 min read | Jun 3, 2024

How To Prepare For A Crisis? And How To Communicate About It?

Crises come in various forms, often unpredictable, and the organization's ability to ensure operational continuity, adaptability, and prevent reputational risks is directly tied to its preparedness. Staff members must be able to make quick decisions and implement crisis management strategies effectively. The readiness to adapt and respond promptly is crucial. In this article, we will outline steps for your organization to swiftly respond to a crisis and ensure that you are equipped with the knowledge to handle a crisis in a confident and professional manner.

Baltic Centre for Media Excellence | 10 min read | May 27, 2024

The Secret to Successful Communication: Dare to Measure and Change!

Here are some tips on how to start measuring the effectiveness of your own organizational communication.

NIOK | 11 min read | May 9, 2024

Digital Streams of Radicalization, Part I: How Radicalization and Disinformation Interact in the Online World

When we hear about radicalization, we often picture an Islamist, a football hooligan , or a person with extreme views who often commits acts of violence. The behavior of such people is blatant, it is easy to be outraged by them, but it is also easy to distance ourselves from them. In our minds, a radical is a person from another world, from another bubble, someone completely different from us.

Hive Mind | 8 min read | Feb 28, 2024

NIOK | 4 min read | Feb 5, 2024