1. When in doubt - find your people.

Are you an organization struggling with hostile propaganda? Instead of trying to put a stop to disinformation, learn how to bypass it, shift your communications, and get in touch with your audience.

➡️ Hubert Sobecki is in charge of strategic communications at Love Does Not Exclude Association, an LGBT+ organization based in Warsaw, Poland. For the past 8 years, he has been working on campaigns and anti-disinformation action in a hostile environment fueled by state-sponsored propaganda utilized by the previous Polish government.

In this first communications video tutorial, Hubert explains the top three steps to reshaping your communications.

Key points to consider:

  1. 1. Do not limit yourself to informing and educating. Instead, rely on emotive communication and always remember to use a relevant call to action.

  2. 2. To engage your audience, learn about their values and things that make them tick.

  3. 3. Define your constituency, or the people you are most familiar with, and build up your audience from there.

🎦 Watch the full video to learn more how to reshape your communication:

2. Fight apathy - use values!

Are you struggling to make your audience more responsive to your calls to action? Identify the values that you share and learn how to talk about them in terms of common goals.

As civil society organizations (CSOs), we should always call people to action. If we want to change the world or even our backyard, we must do things, rather than just raise awareness of the problems.

In the second video in our comms series, Hubert explains how to approach your audience using values to reshape your communication.

Key points to consider:

  1. 1. Never miss a chance to call people to action – it is by doing things together that any impact is achieved.

  2. 2. Get accustomed to using “big words” but only if you know your audience cares about them.

  3. 3. Call people to protect or realize your common values – talk about common goals and the future.

  4. 🎦 Watch the video to find out more:

3. Give Hope – Show a Better Future.

Disinformation and populism disintegrate societies by inflating values. It is up to us to reclaim them and fill them with meaning.

Political marketing can make us wary of using “big words” in our communications. But if we stop talking about values, who will show the people a better future? In this video, Hubert explains how to rally your audience by imagining a better world.

Key points to consider:

  1. 1. We all need values both as individuals and as societies.

  2. 2. Just because politicians abuse and inflate them, it does not mean we cannot fill them back with actual meaning.

  3. 3. Being specific about your work is all good, but people need a broader vision as well. Give it to them, or better still, imagine one together.

  4. 🎦 Watch the final video to gain more valuable insights and reshape your communication:

We hope you find these tips useful for boosting your organization's communications.

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