Database-Based Communication, Part 3: How to Find the Right Tool to Manage Your Database?

A third article in the series about the data-based communication. This time we are discussing the tools the organizations may use.

NIOK | 8 min read | Jun 3, 2024

Database-Based Communication, Part 2: What Is My Database and How Can I Extend It?

If you're not actively involved in database building, we'll show you how to get started, what to look out for and what tools are available.

NIOK | 11 min read | Jun 3, 2024

Partner Spotlight: MAKAIA's 2023 Year in Review

In Makaia, we work to strengthen social development capabilities based on technology, cooperation, and innovation. With the Digital Resilience project, which is based on the Hive Mind platform, and is part of TechSoup's Digital Activism Program, we seek to create and share tools, knowledge, and good habits in the digital sphere to counteract disinformation in the Latin American region.

MAKAIA | 1 min read | May 6, 2024

Join our training: Building Youth Resilience. What Works, What Doesn't, and How to Make a Difference. Warsaw, 4-6th June 2024

Let’s come together to learn on how to strengthen young people in being more resilient (online and offline) and improve their (as well as our own) wellbeing in the times of widespread disinformation, limited attention span and general information noise.

Hive Mind | 3 min read | Apr 29, 2024