An exciting joint project has been formed between the University of Utrecht (HU), the Slovak-based NGO, PDCS, the artificial intelligence start-up, Textgain, and the Dare to be Grey group working to combat polarisation. Together, as EOOH - the European Observatory of Online Hate they are conducting a two-year investigation and reporting on the fundamental nature of the dynamics of online hate, how hate manifests itself, the connections between the perpetrators and their influence as well as disinformation strategies. This investigation will involve collaborative development of a monitoring tool, using cutting edge AI developed by Textgain.

While the tool is being developed, you can already find plenty of relevant and timely content on the EOOH website related to online disinformation and hate speech.

Here are some examples that we would especially like to recommend to you:

Just by looking at the pieces above, they immediately caught our attention.

Let’s keep an eye on them! It's definitely worth your while.

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