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We believe that learning should be on topics that matter today and tomorrow and that it should always be rooted in a context. If we live in the Information Age, then our ability to synthesize and use information will determine our individual well-being and prosperity in the years to come. That’s why our experts are designing courses on topics that matter to our every-day lives. From making sense of the news online, to protecting your personal or your organization’s digital privacy.  

Hive Mind Courses aim to improve your critical thinking skills, deepen your understating of mechanisms behind disinformation, show you how to take control of your exposure online but also ways of using technology to create positive change and mobilize supporters for your cause. 

You can register now for the following courses: 

“Building Positive Narratives” - In this course you will learn how stories and narratives make disinformation popular and believable. You will learn how to counter dangerous beliefs and attitudes and understand how to use social media features in favor of your narratives. Through persuasion, a mapping technique, and essential story elements, you will learn how to reach specific audience and build a powerful story. Register here.

“Digital Campaigning Basics” - This course covers core elements of a ‘people-powered’ campaign – a tool for mobilizing mass audiences to support activists causes. Based on real-life examples, you’ll also cover practical tools needed to create your own campaigns. Register here.

“Countering Disinformation” - In this course you will learn how to distinguish between various types of disinformation and avoid traps such as echo chambers, polarization or propaganda. Moreover, we will share with you the essential knowledge and tools to tackle disinformation more effectively. Register here.

“Think Twice: Media Literacy Online” – Thanks to this course you will learn new skills and gain knowledge about e.g. bot detection method, common biases that distort information, how to recognize different types of misinformation, how propaganda works and what you can do to become more digitally resilient. Register here.

These modules are put together by experts and the link between each of them will enable the learners to shift their mindsets and gain a holistic Digital Media Literacy skill set necessary to build an online resilient self.

For Educators: Hive Mind Learning Space
Hive Mind Courses will be self-paced courses for learners to upskill their media literacy skills. For educators, we are creating an online learning space where trainers and educators can become contributors and extend their reach to new learners. The space will enable you to connect with other practitioners to share skills, best practices and more. We believe digital transformation is crucial for all trainers out there whose cohorts are shifting to online channels more every day.

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