During the talk with Kamil Śliwowski, we dive into digital awareness and literacy as well as the consequences of using AI.

Hype aside, the podcast episode focuses on different layers of AI, such as:

  • the role of the digital trainers,

  • the influence of the (offline and online) community,

  • the open-source models,

  • and the ethical side of AI.

Stepping away from the ongoing race of big tech, with the current upgrading of generative AI tools, two questions may arise. Should nonprofit organizations (NGOs) focus on chasing after the latest technological developments to keep up? Or should they expand their so-called “soft skills” connected to understanding and application of critical thinking to the outcomes of advanced technology?

✅ In the third episode of our Hive Mind Podcast interview series for NGOs and CSOs, you can get fresh, inspiring perspectives on AI and dive into the following hot dilemmas: 

  • How to be critical about it and stay up-to-date with the latest technology?

  • How to become a Digital Skills Trainer? What is the future of this profession?

  • What is the difference between the open-source and proprietary technology used in AI?

  • Should CSOs focus on proprietary AI or open-source AI tools?

  • How can nonprofits use AI and other tech tools ethically and responsibly in their daily work?

  • Is it at all possible for NGOs, CSOs and activists to use AI ethically?

  • What should CSOs work on during the “trial phase of free AI”?

  • Could activism in AI be coordinated differently?

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Kamil Śliwowski, Digital Skills Trainer and Online Course Author. He loves to learn by teaching others, researching, and experimenting with digital tools to write his blog and newsletter (otwartezasoby.pl). He has been involved in the Creative Commons movement and organization in Poland and internationally for over a decade. Currently working with NGOs like INCO, Panoptykon, School with Class, and Sektor 3.0.

️🎚️ The podcast was recorded and mixed at "Podcastownia Ciekawość" (Warsaw, Poland) 

🎙 Podcast host: Joanna Krukowska (TechSoup Europe)

🎵 Music by Zykovich Yauheni aka JJ 

📆 Podcast recorded on December 1, 2023 

💡 Read the article mentioned in the podcast: “Hype cycle, meet harm cycle”, by Alix Dunn, available here.

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