The topic of Artificial Intelligence has been a significant point of discussion worldwide. We have invited Professor Aleksandra Przegalińska, one of the leading voices in this field, to address our questions regarding the work of activists and CSOs and the impact of AI on civil society.

✅ In the first episode of our podcast interview series for NGOs, you can delve into the most common aspects of AI and get the answers to the following questions:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence? Is there one AI or are there many "AIs"?

  • Can AI support CSO/ NGO workers?

  • How can AI contribute to building communities, fostering trust, and strengthening social capital?

  • To what extent can the new, tech-generated forms of disinformation spread and affect the civil society members dedicating their efforts to counter disinformation?

  • What should we bear in mind when using AI consciously?

  • What skills are necessary to effectively use the AI-based tools? Do we require a new set of media literacy skills?

  • AI is often portrayed as a tool for amassing economic capital, but could it also be harnessed for social capital?

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Aleksandra Przegalińska – Professor at the Leon Koźmiński Academy, and a Postdoctoral Fellow in Management Sciences. She earned her PhD in the Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence at the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Warsaw. She is currently the Vice-Rector for International Cooperation and ESR at the Leon Koźmiński Academy. Since 2016, Aleksandra has conducted research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. She is a graduate of The New School for Social Research in New York, where she participated in research on identity in virtual reality, with a particular focus on Second Life. She is currently a Research Fellow at the American Institute for Economic Research. In 2022, she began working with the Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard. Aleksandra is interested in the development of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, machine learning, social robots, and wearable technologies.

🎙️🎚️ The podcast was recorded and mixed at "Podcastownia Ciekawość" (Warsaw, Poland)

🎵 Music by Zykovich Yauheni aka JJ