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The Open Cities Tactical Guide is designed to help catalyse the use of open data to meaningfully address local issues and appropriately involve citizens in decision-making processes.
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The results of the research conducted within "Critink" on the attitude of journalists towards media literacy
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WITNESS is a human rights non-profit organisation based in Brooklyn, New York. Its mission is to partner with on-the-ground organisations to support the documentation of human rights violations and their consequences to further public engagement, policy change and justice.


NIOK | 8 min read | Jul 24, 2024

The Role of Video Games for Developing Participatory Culture and Media Literacy

Video games (VG) have evolved from simple entertainment to a powerful cultural force. As VG become embedded in the fabric of people's daily life, their influence is far-reaching, spanning the entertainment industry, social interactions, economic activities, and educational approaches.

Ivanova Iglika | 8 min read | Jun 28, 2024

How to Recognize and Handle Online Trolling?

It has probably happened to you - you comment on some of your own views on Facebook or post something that may not seem so controversial to you. Someone with an opposing opinion appears and conveys this in a provocative and stubborn tone. Suddenly, the entire conversation is thrown in an illogical direction, you waste time and nerves, and in the end, you wonder how such people can exist.

In short, you’ve encountered a troll.

Metamorphosis Foundation | 5 min read | Jun 26, 2024

Why Is Media Literacy Important in Schools?

At present, more than one third of the world’s population uses the Internet, and this trend is on a continuous rise. It is almost impossible to imagine life without the Internet, which offers thousands of information sources, digital books and maps, social media, e-commerce, digital libraries and museums, news…

Metamorphosis Foundation | 2 min read | Jun 26, 2024

Reshaping Communication: Expert Tips to Connect with Your Audience

In a world filled with disinformation, building meaningful connections with your audience is more important than ever. This article introduces a series of three short video tutorials by our expert and master trainer, Hubert Sobecki, from the Love Does Not Exclude Association in Poland. Focusing on emotional messages, shared values, and a hopeful future, these videos offer essential communication tips for building a strong and engaged community.

Hive Mind | 3 min read | Jun 5, 2024

What Is "Prebunking" and How Does It Work?

Fake news is believed to be complex for various reasons. Among other things, they refer to our personality and attitude to facts, and there are various cognitive mechanisms that distort our perception. The question arises: How can we become more resilient?

Metamorphosis Foundation | 2 min read | Jun 4, 2024

Fake Advertising – Real Problems: How Easy Is It to Scam People on Social Networks?

Online scams are an inexhaustible topic where virtually anyone can be a victim, no matter how knowledgeable and educated they are and how many times they say "don't click" to themselves. This is true in particular when someone's health is at stake, and people can easily fall for manipulations and fake news when they are vulnerable or feel helpless. Thus, there are frequent examples of users of social networks clicking on advertisements for medicine promising to cure hundreds of diseases, various supplements for rapid weight loss within a few days, purifying the body in just a few hours, etc.

Metamorphosis Foundation | 2 min read | Jun 4, 2024

What Are “Positive Narratives” and How Can They Contribute to Combating Misinformation?

Misinformation from various platforms spreads rapidly around the world, proliferating through social media further without verification by users. Social networking platforms are designed to distribute as much content as possible to users that captures their attention. Since the human brain works in such a way that it pays more attention to negativity and fear, the content served tends to be negative. This enables social networks to influence entire populations at an unprecedented scale and speed. An MIT University study shows that fake news spreads 6 times faster than verified news. In such an environment, how can activists and officials communicate effectively, and how are they organized? How are they countering misinformation?

Metamorphosis Foundation | 1 min read | Jun 4, 2024

The 8 Basic Principles of Cybersecurity for Non-Governmental Organizations

Digital transformation has made organizations dependent on technology for performing their work. But despite its many benefits, digitalization also brings cybercrime. According to the “Nonprofit Tech for Good Report” from 2023, 27% of NGOs around the world have suffered at least one cyberattack. NGOs collect, manage and process large amounts of data on people in sensitive situations as well as financial data from donors, which are the main reasons they are targeted by malicious actors, making the sector the third industry most targeted by hackers.

Metamorphosis Foundation | 2 min read | Jun 4, 2024

MAKAIA: Learn about our work during 2023

In Makaia, we work to strengthen social development capabilities based on technology, cooperation and innovation. From the Digital Resilience project, which is based on the Hive Mind platform, we seek to create and share tools, knowledge and good habits in the digital sphere to counteract misinformation in the Latin American region.

MAKAIA | 1 min read | May 9, 2024

Did it sound youth-ish? How to communicate with Gen Z? - Resiliency Kit Webinar Takeaways: Q&A Video Recording

Ever found yourself thinking, "How on earth do I connect with these Gen Z folks?" Well, look no further – you've landed in the right place! Watch this video recording from a recent, engaging Q&A session with our Comms Expert on Gen Z, Berina Bulatović, and tackle the perpetual challenge of improving your organization’s communication with the younger generation.

Hive Mind | 1 min read | Apr 2, 2024

Top Reporting Tips for Elections

The need for objectivity, neutrality and balance in journalism is a daily challenge for professional media, but one of the biggest challenges to media professionalism comes with the elections. The election process presents a challenge for the media, as it puts into focus their purpose to offer citizens access to all facts, opinions and ideas in the campaign. Journalists must also ensure access to the media so that citizens' voices can be heard beyond the words of political debate.

Metamorphosis Foundation | 3 min read | Mar 21, 2024

The FashionForwardNarratives: Empowering Sustainability - Local Action - Case Study

Today, we would like to share with you an important awareness-raising campaign - a case study from the Local Action Plan carried out by our TechSoup Trainers.

Hive Mind | 2 min read | Mar 7, 2024

The strongest tool in the fight against disinformation is critical thinking. How to apply it?

Critical thinking is the ability of an individual to recognize or evaluate and critically analyze a particular issue. Critical thinking develops from an early age, and every person acquires it on an individual basis. To determine if we have critical thinking, we must acquire skills for observation, analysis, interpretation, reflective thinking, evaluation, conclusion, explanation, problem-solving, and making the most appropriate decisions, writes Portalb.mk.

Metamorphosis Foundation | 3 min read | Feb 15, 2024

What to Pay Attention to When Shopping Online?

Until a few years ago, online shopping was primarily associated with tech-savvy individuals or used for specialized products. However, nowadays, online shopping has become a normal part of our daily lives. Entrusting personal banking information to the online realm no longer sounds as daunting as it did a decade ago. Although online money transfers through banks are more secure than ever, it doesn't mean we shouldn't be cautious about spending money online.

Борјан Гаговски | 4 min read | Feb 14, 2024

Experience of the KSZGYSZ with the Acymailing system

The Association of Environmental Service Providers and Manufacturers (KSZGYSZ) is one of the largest Hungarian environmental advocacy organizations, whose members are key players in the Hungarian green industry, covering the whole spectrum of environmental activities. KSZGYSZ works to promote the aspirations of its members at national and international level. The association, which currently has 269 members, has been coordinating and training actors in the Hungarian environmental protection, nature conservation and environmental industry for more than 30 years, and is a prominent partner of policy makers and almost all actors in the business community.

Pál András | 10 min read | Feb 5, 2024

Trends and Tools to Create Your Story in 2024

The art of storytelling is the oldest art of humanity, its ways of reaching populations have evolved over the centuries. Today, a social organization that wants recognition and support in its processes must know how to tell its mission and purpose in less than 1 minute.

MAKAIA | 2 min read | Jan 26, 2024

Propaganda: the Power of Persuasion

In this video, the Metamorphosis Foundation shows what propaganda actually is and where and how it shapes opinions even today.

Goshe Nikolov | Jan 17, 2024

Bombastic news published on a portal you're hearing about for the first time? Check the imprint

The influx of media content in cyberspace sometimes makes us, as readers, seek information that is different from the rest. For the public, it is crucial to “discover” something new that brings fresh insights into certain important societal issues or questions of personal interest to individuals. However, sometimes behind the “new things”, we see bombastic headlines, spectacular claims unsupported by evidence, unconfirmed or unofficial information, as well as disinformation that can cause more harm than lead to positive change in society.

Бојан Блажевски | 3 min read | Jan 11, 2024

Why should the media refrain from reporting on suicides – where does private interest end and public interest begin?

For medical professionals whose primary focus is mental health, it is no secret that exposing details about a committed suicide, either directly or through the media, increases the likelihood of suicidal behavior in others. There is even a term for this phenomenon – suicide contagion.

Meri | 4 min read | Jan 11, 2024

"How to Keep Hope Alive in the Darkest of Times: Communicating Ukraine" - a Resiliency Kit Webinar - Key Takeaways

Unlock the power of storytelling with the takeaways from the "How to Keep Hope Alive in the Darkest of Times: Communicating Ukraine" online workshop by Val Voshchevska.

Hive Mind | 2 min read | Dec 15, 2023

Think before you click – Stay safe on social networks

The concept of “think before you click” is one of the most important factors in terms of information safety. This regards everything that is offered to you on social networks, the advertisements that pop up as you read a text on a web-page, links that “invite” you to open them as you are watching a YouTube video, and the "like" button.

Antonija Popovska | 2 min read | Dec 13, 2023

What Does Online Violence Represent and What to Do If You’re a Victim?

Online violence involves using digital technologies to perpetrate acts of violence. This can occur on social media platforms, messaging apps, gaming platforms, and mobile phones. According to UNICEF, it refers to repeated behavior aimed at intimidating, angering, or shaming those it targets.

Meri | 3 min read | Oct 12, 2023

How to Protect Ourselves from Online Scams While Online Shopping?

The number of online purchases by Macedonian citizens is increasing, and concurrently, scams targeting citizens shopping on virtual stores are proliferating. To avoid "emptying" credit cards through scams, there are several recommendations that we, as citizens, should follow when making our online purchases.

Бојан Блажевски | 3 min read | Oct 12, 2023

Signed Authorship — Indicator of Credible Media Content We Can Trust

The influx of media texts, videos, photos, as well as social media posts, nowadays is immense, as they constantly appear on our devices through which we communicate on the internet daily. Bombastic headlines and announcements of spectacular discoveries in such content often lead us to forget one of the fundamental rules of creating media content — the signature of the author behind them.

Бојан Блажевски | 4 min read | Aug 30, 2023

NIOK | Aug 29, 2023

Negativity bias: Why do people read bad news more than good news?

Two headlines of news articles appear to you simultaneously: the first one reads, “Wonderful Weather Today!” whereas the second one announces, "Terrible Storm Is Approaching the Country!". Which headline would you click on?

Meri | 4 min read | Aug 16, 2023

History of the Homecare Campaign

What needs to be thought through and then re-planned in an advocacy campaign? How is it possible to keep a message alive for years? Can one of the most vulnerable people in the society fight for change? The 'Let's move so they can move!' campaign organiser tells us how it has been built in the fight for public and social recognition of homecare as a job.

Lépjünk, hogy léphessenek! Kh. Egyesület | 16 min read | Aug 16, 2023

Civic issues and opinions in today's Hungarian media space

How do different opinions appear in the media? Is there a place, a space for differences of opinion? What opportunities do we have as civilians to publish our own narratives?

Mertek Media Monitor | 5 min read | Jul 12, 2023

Positive Narratives as a Tool for Social Change: a Webinar Summary

In this space we talk to Juan David García and La Fiera, the two artists who work in Casa Kolacho and live in the Comuna 13 and were part of the transformation process held in the community.

MAKAIA | 3 min read | Jun 30, 2023

Trolls, Haters and Stalkers: Preventing the Violence Provoked by Disinformation

Have someone make fun of you in front of other people?

Have you been critized and offended by how you dress, think or talk?

Do you know of people that follow or investigate you?

Oscar Levy | 3 min read | Jun 13, 2023

"Invalid question, invalid answer!" - case study

Case study on the "Invalid question, invalid answer!" campaign of Amnesty International Hungary and the Háttér Society

Bakonyi Anna | 6 min read | Jun 13, 2023

A család az család — Family is family

A család az család — Family is family. It seems so self-explanatory, yet this phrase infuriated some while bringing hope to others. But how did this statement become a slogan of a movement for social equality in Hungary?

Szivárványcsaládokért Alapítvány | 4 min read | Jun 13, 2023

Open call for microgrant for $USD 1,000 📣

Open call for civil society organizations, independent media or journalist and digital activist of Latin America.

MAKAIA | 2 min read | Jun 2, 2023

#TogetherWithOneAnother campaign

Case study on the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) #TogetherWithOneAnother campaign

Társaság a Szabadságjogokért (TASZ) | 6 min read | May 25, 2023

The Power of Positive Narratives for NGOs: How to Inspire and Motivate with Uplifting Stories

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) play a vital role in addressing some of the world's most pressing issues, from poverty and inequality to environmental degradation and human rights abuses. However, the challenges faced by NGOs can be daunting, and it can be difficult to maintain motivation and inspire support from stakeholders. This is where the power of positive narratives can make a significant difference.

Kwame Asante | 3 min read | May 9, 2023

Case study: Detox Information Project (DIP)

We share the investigation and educational web series created by DIP

MAKAIA | 1 min read | Apr 24, 2023

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Empowering Europeans Against Disinformation (EEAD) - ToT Training

As part of the Empowering Europeans Against Disinformation (EEAD) project, we are happy to invite all interested educators residing in Europe to express the interest and take part in a 2-day onsite Training of Trainers (ToT) on Countering Disinformation and Building Positive Narratives in Warsaw, on April 19-21, 2023.

Hive Mind | 2 min read | Feb 27, 2023

Art as a positive narrative resource against violence.

Comuna 13 in Medellin is surprising for its history of resilience and social transformation through art.

MAKAIA | 4 min read | Dec 1, 2022

War-time Disinformation Landscape in the CEE 30.06 | 5 PM

Join us for a panel discussion about the current war-time disinformation landscape and learn about ways of mitigating its harmful effects.

Maja Durlik | 3 min read | Jun 15, 2022

How to present the news to children without causing them harm? Good examples from Europe.

In the international media market, the children's news programme is a television format with a decades-long history in many countries. This is a complex, mindset-shaping programme aimed at 8-12 year olds. In Europe, the British Broadcasting Corporation's (BBC) “Newsround” and the German Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) “Logo!” are the leading examples.

Mertek Media Monitor | 4 min read | Jun 1, 2022

War and Kindness: CSOs Response in Help for Ukraine - Key Takeaways

The war in Ukraine continues. We’ve been watching brave men and women fight for their country’s freedom and independence, while many others are organizing their lives after being forced to flee their country and settle abroad.

Maja Durlik | 14 min read | May 30, 2022

“Civil Society's Response in Help for Ukraine” – online discussion, MAY 17, 5 PM CET

While the war in Ukraine progresses and we are forced to watch the brave men and women fight for their country’s freedom and independence, many others are organizing their lives after being forced to flee their country.

Hive Mind | 6 min read | May 6, 2022

From trash to activism: how a bodybuilder became Hungary's next green influencer

NGOs and activist groups often wish to involve famous people, influencers to their communication to reach a wider audience with their help. However, perhaps even the most open-minded organisations in Hungary would not have thought to ask "Pumped Gabo", originally known for his muscles and senseless partying, to be an ambassador for their cause. A coming of age story or the true face of a previously misunderstood celebrity? We looked at why the bodybuilder-turned-activist’s story works.

Bécser Vera | 5 min read | Apr 7, 2022

Against hate speech with AI - the European Observatory of Online Hate

Get to know an exciting joint European project that uses technology and research against online hate. From anti-vaxxers using Eriksen’s collapse at EURO 2020 to Russian propaganda on the war in Ukraine, their content is worth taking a look at.

Bécser Vera | 2 min read | Mar 28, 2022

Building Trust Relationships

What are the values ​​that as organizations and communicators we are promoting to build trust with our beneficiaries and our stakeholders? Building relationships of trust requires a high dose of humility, of seeing people and not just what they represent. Trust is earned by hand, not only by sharing timely and truthful information, but also by establishing permanent communication channels beyond the day-to-day news.

Jackeline Pájaro López | 2 min read | Mar 18, 2022

COVID is not an excuse to threaten Internet freedom

This article is a production of Ciudadania Inteligente (Ciudadania AI), a Latin American, inclusive and feminist organization that fights for social justice and for the transformation of democracies.

MAKAIA | 6 min read | Jan 12, 2022

What makes a powerful story?

An engaging storytelling ability is crucial to catch the attention of an ever-distracted audience. The best stories share the same essential elements, arranged in a specific order to gradually build tension, that makes us want to find out what happens next. Let’s learn together how to build a powerful story that our audience won't be able to keep their eyes off!

Hive Mind | 4 min read | Dec 12, 2021

When logic alone does not decide… How to persuade your audience to look at things from a different perspective?

You’ve got a good reason to do what you do, but how can you present this reason in a compelling way to those who think differently? This is where the persuasion (learning with an emotional dimension) comes in.

Hive Mind | 4 min read | Dec 12, 2021

5 steps to reach your audience by discovering what really matters to them

It’s only by learning what really counts for your audience and why it does, that you can really figure out what kind of communication will be in alignment with their needs and values.

In order to identify their behaviour, their beliefs behind it, or the emotional drivers, try out the Mapping Technique.

Hive Mind | 3 min read | Dec 12, 2021

Three questions you need to ask about your audience

Knowing your audience perfectly well is the cornerstone of every successful communication. So, there are three essential questions you need to get the answers to before you start crafting your campaign. The first one is about who you’re talking to, the second - about their behaviour related to your cause, and then the last one, to look for their motivation.

Hive Mind | 3 min read | Dec 12, 2021

4 strategies to counteract narratives you find malicious

Have you ever found yourself trying to shape your communication strategy when the cause you’re pleading is surrounded by strong narratives dominating the public sphere with stories full of disinformation, propaganda, or even hatred?

It’s like playing chess with a demanding opponent: you have to pick the right strategy in order to win.

Read on to find out which strategies prove the most effective...

Hive Mind | 2 min read | Dec 12, 2021

Giving, feeling good and donation as a gateway drug: thoughts from Hive Mind and NIOK’s podcast

The second podcast of NIOK Foundation and Hive Mind focused on philanthropy as with Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching, another celebration has arrived: Giving Tuesday! Unfortunately the podcast itself is in Hungarian, but for those who are yet to learn this wonderful language, we have collected some tips and thoughts for NGOs from the conversation.

NIOK | 3 min read | Nov 16, 2021

Self-paced Courses: Learn at Your Own Pace, on Your Own Schedule!

We live in the Information Age. Our ability to synthesize and use information well is crucial to our fate and future well-being. Our Experts have been designing bespoke courses on topics that are relevant, set in a meaningful context and important. From making sense of the news online, to protecting your own or your organization’s digital safety and privacy.

Hive Mind | 4 min read | Nov 15, 2021

From Projects and SMARTs to Personas and Storytelling - a webinar recording on Building Positive Narratives

On September 28-30, TechSoup held a three-day campaign, focused on teaching Digital Storytelling to Nonprofits and NGOs entitled "Lights, Camera, Take Action!". Its aim was to help organizations learn the basics of effective, impact storytelling during three days filled with online workshops led by top experts in the sector. Hive Mind was present there, too, and we are especially proud of the webinar session that was run as part of the event by our Polish Master Trainer and Localisation Expert on Building Positive Narratives, Hubert Sobecki.

Dominika Uzar | 1 min read | Oct 8, 2021

Lights, Camera, #TakeAction!

On September 28-30, TechSoup will hold a three-day campaign, focused on teaching Digital Storytelling to Nonprofits and NGOs. Join free training today and make an impact with your story!

Dominika Uzar | 1 min read | Sep 15, 2021

"I’m Learning to Be a Dad" - Promoting positive partnerships involving dads in their kids' growth and education - Moldova

Main goal of this Local Action aimed at development of parenting skills of fathers in the cities of Falesti, Calarasi and Orhei by encouraging active involvement in their education, and fostering positive narratives by building their online community, as well as offering dedicated courses and trainings.

Hive Mind | 1 min read | Aug 13, 2021

Motivated reasoning, or where does the belief in bull**** come from?

According to Peter Ditto from the University of California, one of the many reasons why people fall prey to the influence of misinformation lies in so-called motivated reasoning (MR).

Tomáš Kriššák | 12 min read | Aug 11, 2021

"Bro/ Sis, Just Be YOURSELF. I Got Your Back!" - Trailblazing Local Action from Poland

"Bro/ Sis, Just Be YOURSELF. I got your back!" - 1st Community Building Billboard Campaign Targeting Siblings of LGBTIQ+ Persons.

Hive Mind | 2 min read | May 28, 2021

MEGAPHONE 2021 WEBINARS - Online Resources

Missed any of our events, feeling like watching it again diving straight into the extra resources and materials? We've got it covered.

Michal Prawdzik | 2 min read | Mar 9, 2021

Infographic: Europe’s Fur Farming Steadily Dropping

PETA Research Shows Positive Outcomes

Mark Semoil | Jul 23, 2020